Forge Valley School builds ambition in every student.


At Forge Valley School we encourage a spirit of endeavour in every student.




Forge Valley is a rapidly improving school.



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Our Ethos

Our vision is that Forge Valley School is a safe, inclusive learning community where pupils and staff learn and thrive together. Forge Valley’s ethos is based upon everyone striving to become the very best they can be. 


As a school we believe that ambition and endeavour help provide our pupils with the mind-set needed, not only to succeed academically, but also in adult life in an ever changing modern world. Our pupils are encouraged to believe in themselves, and that with hard work and resilience, they can achieve their dreams. We are an inclusive school which works hard to provide stimulating learning experiences for all our pupils, who are seen as individuals. We work tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment which protects childhood. Everyone at Forge Valley is part of our community, which is founded on respect, tolerance and equality.  


As a school we also realise that our success is not just measured in terms of academic performance. We aim to develop our pupils into well rounded, morally grounded, ambitious and resilient individuals ready to take their place in a dynamic and diverse 21st Century

Dale Barrowclough 


KS3 Homework

Starting Secondary School?

Key Events
Extra Curricular

“The school’s rate of improvement has accelerated further” 


“Teaching and Learning is improving and staff are motivated and energised”


“Pupils respond confidently and the quality of presentation in their books reflects that they

are taking pride in their work too”


“Teachers regularly and systematically check pupils’ understanding” 


“The school works tirelessly to improve the attendance of disadvantaged pupils and those who have

SEN and/or disabilities” 


“Teachers undergo a comprehensive programme of professional development” 


“Pupils are keen to show off the work they are proud of”


Contact Info


Wood Lane, Sheffield, S6 5HG
0114 234 8805

A member of the Tapton School Academy Trust


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