Commonside – Forge Valley School

Commonside 0723
Hillsborough Interchange 0733
Wisewood Avenue 0747
Hall Park Head 0757

Forge Valley School – Commonside

Forge Valley School 1500
Wisewood Avenue 1504
Hillsborough Interchange 1518
Commonside 1529


AM from Walkley, Commonside/Barber Road via Commonside, Howard Road, South Road, Walkley
Road, Walkley Lane, Forbes Road, Langsett Road, Middlewood Road, Langsett Avenue, Worrall
Road, Dykes Hall Road, Far Lane, Ben Lane, Hallowmoor Road, Wisewood Lane, Loxley Road,
Stannington Road, Liberty Hill, Liberty Drive to Hall Park Head.
AM buses will drop off children on Stannington Road.

PM: Forge Valley School via Wood Lane, Stannington Road, Loxley Road, Wisewood Lane,
Hallowmoor Road, Ben Lane, Far Lane, Dykes Hall Road, Worrall Road, Langsett Avenue,
Middlewood Road, Langsett Road, Ripley Street, Walkley Lane, Walkley Road, South Road, Howard
Road, Commonside to Walkley, Commonside/Barber Road

Please note this service is run and managed by SYPTE.