At the start of Year 10 pupils will begin their AQA GCSE course in both English Language and English Literature, giving the opportunity to gain two qualifications. The course runs for two years with final examination at the end of Year 11. Pupils will study fantastic contemporary writers and texts along with examples taken from the literary heritage. Authors studied are well varied and exciting from William Shakespeare to Arthur Conan Doyle and Dennis Kelly.

  •     Macbeth   
  •     Poetry    
  •     DNA    
  •     Sign of Four    


"Something wicked this way comes."  

Macbeth is a brave and loyal Thane to King Duncan. After hearing a prophecy that he will become king himself, Macbeth is overcome by ambition and greed. Bolstered by the prophecy and his wife’s encouragement, he kills King Duncan and takes the throne. Afterwards, Macbeth’s guilt, fear, and paranoia lead him to commit even more murders to secure his power. His confidence in the prophecies eventually leads to his downfall and he is overthrown and killed by those he has wronged.



Love and Relationships  

Students will study one cluster of poems taken from the AQA poetry anthology, Poems Past and Present. The poems in the Love and Relationship cluster are thematically linked and were written between 1789 and the present day. Students should study all 15 poems in their cluster and be prepared to write about any of them in the examination. 


DNA by Dennis Kelly

"We were having a laugh weren't we..."

A group of teenagers do something bad, really bad, then panic and cover the whole thing up. But when they find that their cover-up unites them and brings harmony to their once fractious lives, where is the incentive to put things right.

    Sign of Four    

Sign of Four

"There is something positively inhuman in you at times."  

A young lady, Miss Mary Morstan, contact Sherlock Holmes for his help regarding her father, captain Morstan, who disappeared 10 years ago. Since his disappearance she annually receives a valuable pearl by post from an unknown person. The mystery leads Holmes and Doctor Watson into an intricate plot regarding a lost treasure belonging to four convicts on the Andaman Islands.

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