Key Stage 4

Business Studies at key stage 4 is becoming increasingly popular with more and more students choosing it as one of their options each year. We are currently studying the AQA GCSE. This course comprises of 6 units covering a wide variety of different topic. The units are as follows: 

  1. Business in the Real World 
  1. Influences on Business 
  1. Business operations 
  1. Human Resources 
  1. Marketing 
  1. Finance.  

The course is assessed externally at the end of the two-year period by two examinations, both of which last 1/2 hours. 

This course is both active and enjoyable and the theory is brought to life each year by the use of up-to-date business examples.  You need to be good at communicating and explaining your ideas, not afraid of learning new things and working with numbers to solve business problems.