Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Students will study:

  • Basic ICT skills and Online Safety
  • Computer Science Theory (hardware, software and representation of data)
  • Algorithms
  • Coding Skills – Scratch, Small Basic
Students will study:

  • HTML and WebPlus (web design)
  • Gamemaker – Game creation software
  • Ciphering, cyber security
  • Graphics – DrawPlus, image manipulation 
Students will begin their KS4 qualification in OCR Creative iMedia,


In Year 9 they will do two out of the four units:

  • Completing R082 (graphics)  
  • Preparing for their R081 exam, learning the theory of pre-production documents, legislation, file formats, health and safety etc – ready to sit the exam in Year 10



Please refer to our KS4 section for more information on this course.



We have a number of different courses at KS4 in ICT

For CORE ICT, students study Creative iMedia (OCR) in Y10 and CIDA (Edexcel) in Y11

As an option, students may choose to study Computer Science (WJEC Eduqas)



CIDA (Y11 only) IMedia (Y10 only) Computer Science
Students will take one onscreen exam where they will develop online web products with related graphics

Students will complete one piece of coursework – developing graphic products


Most students have now completed the course. Resit exams will take pace during 13th May – 18th May. Students will be given a set time slot.

Coursework resit deadline is 10th May

In Y10 students will sit their exam (pre production documents) on June 3rd 2019 for Unit R081

Students will also complete R082 by the end of the year (Graphics) where they will plan/create a graphic publication

In Y11, students will complete 2 other units (units to be confirmed)

There will be an opportunity to resit R081 in January if students need it


Students will complete 3 units:

Component 1: Understanding Computer Science (theory exam)

Component 2: Computational Thinking and Programming (on screen exam – including Greenfoot programming)

Component 3: Software Development (NEA task)






Y10/Y11 Pupils of Mr Taylor-Hayward can attend his revision classes after school;-

Y10 -Every Wednesday After School

Y11 - Every Thursday After School


The following links will be useful for pupil revision:

Computer Science Revision


STUDENTS: You do not need to learn everything in this section.Check with your teacher which of these theory units are in your particular syllabus. TEACHERS: Please note: the material on this site is not endorsed by the examination boards. You need to refer to your GCSE syllabus to ensure that you are covering all of the necessary theory.

Revision Notes




FOR IMEDIA EXAM REVISION - Games, flash cards, revision notes, videos: