Our canteen is open at break times and lunch serving a variety of snacks, sandwiches and hot meals. Our cashless catering system means that pupils no longer have to carry cash around all day and their account is debited by use of a finger scan when purchasing food. Parents can also top up their child’s account on-line using ParentPay, our on-line payments system.

The meals offered are on a 3 week rota.

The free meal price in the Secondary sector at £2.10 will ensure that a complete meal is available for pupils who are eligible for a free meal but also seeks to encourage more pupils to opt for this nutritionally complete offer.


Here are our monthly menus!

December Menu 2020

Christmas Meal December 15th (Poster)

Morning Break 2020

January Menu 2021



The name of the Student Pre-order Mobile application have now changed to “Fusion Online”.


If you are looking for the application in the Play/App Store, please search for “Fusion Online” and no longer “Fusion Mobile”

Alternatively follow this link http://onelink.to/396sxr


Frequently asked questions:


  • The onboarding codes for pupils to use on this application have been posted to every pupil.
  • Can pupils please download and register the application on their phones as soon as their receive onboarding codes
  • The application is for students to use on their own mobile phones.The application can only be registered for one student to one email address on one mobile phone.
  • pupils can pre-order Lunch 7 days in advance.
  • pupils can pre-order Lunch up-to 9am
  • pupils cannot change or cancel their lunch on the day of that order.
  • Free School Meal Pupils have a budget of £2.10 each day to use on the application.


  • There will be processes in place in school for pupils that do not have access to the application.