DNA by Dennis KellyDNA deals with a whole host of contemporary issues through its portrayal of a particularly disaffected and alienated teenage-orientated view of the ‘modern’ world. The characters are loosely…

Sign of Four

Thanks to #TeamEnglish. Use the documents below for your revision.


Use the study guides available through school.Useful Links Macbeth York NotesMacbeth Revision CardsMacbeth BitesizeMacbeth SparknotesMacbeth No Fear Macbeth - Almost Tangible 

English Literature

KS4At the start of Year 10 pupils will begin their AQA GCSE course in both English Language and English Literature, giving the opportunity to gain two qualifications. The course runs…


  Use this playlist to aid your study on all 15 poems in your cluster.Thanks to #TeamEnglish. Use the below documents for your revision.


Key Stage 4 Currently, pupils can gain one, two or three GCSEs in Science depending on their ability and their ambitions. Those that aspire to take science onto A level…

Physical Education

Key Stage 4 Curriculum All pupils have one 1 hour lesson of PE each week.  Pupils undertake a variety of sports over the course of KS4, examples include: • Fitness…

Information Technology

We have a number of different courses at KS4 in ICT For CORE ICT, students study Creative iMedia (OCR) in Y10 and CIDA (Edexcel) in Y11 As an option, students…

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